Links to Lecture notes, monographs, survey papers in combinatorics, graph theory and related fields of mathematics and computer science.


  • We link to notes available free (but not necessarily copyleft) on the author's webpage.
  • We provide links in the interest of individual students/researchers.
  • We strictly discourage any commercial use of these notes.
  • Please do adhere to author's copyright restrictions.
  • We do not vouch correctness of any information found in the notes.

Structure of the site

  • Lecture notes are usually written by a course instructor for his/her students or scribed by students who take the course. We include survey papers, monographs, talks, expository articles. A note may be a single file or a set of files. There is no lower limit on the number of pages.
  • The title of the lecture note is usually a hyperlink pointing to the note (usually a pdf file) on author's homepage. The note title usually contains title of the note, names of authors, date of publication and number of pages. For more metadata about the note(like contents) click on "+ Details".
  • Every note has an unique identifier called 'note id'. You may append a 'noteid' to 'http://bit.ly/'.
  • Every link on the notes page is a bit.ly link. It points to a protected link package on safelinking.net. After succesfully answering the captcha, you get a direct link below the protected link on the same page. If you are paranoid about short url's, see faq below.
  • The page Others contains links to other lecture note compilations and links that may be helpful to combinatorialists.
  • We avoid words with diacritics for easier search. For example, we spell 'Laszlo Lovasz' instead of 'László Lovász'.
  • We plan to keep the site simple, raw and mostly only text with minimal number of images and quintessential JavaScript. We refrain from using math syntax on notes page since it takes longer to load the page. We do not allow any Ads on this site, but this does not apply to bitly or safelinking.

Some FAQ

  • What to do if the link is either dead or pointing to the wrong place?

Leave us a comment at comments page or gmail us at 'knolopen'. We will rectify it.

  • I like the idea, how can I contribute? Can I post/submit a new lecture note?

Tell about this place to someone who may make use of it. If you are willing to post/edit regularly, you are welcome to be a member. Leave us a comment at comments page or gmail us at 'knolopen'.

  • Can I mirror/copy links from the notes page?

Yes, you are welcome to mirror or copy the links on the notes page with attribution (we can provide you with the wikidot source of the page).

  • What about privacy?

Firstly, wikidot privacy policy applies. Your (including ours!) privacy is one of our main concerns. We find the wikidot's policy of "keeping the recent contributions (of a non-pro user account) openly viewable to anybody" annoying. Your username (if you are a member of this site) will not be visible to an anonymous user or another member unless the member is a mod/admin. Please note we have enabled anonymous commenting on the comments page. An admin can track a moderator's changes to the site. With the current policies of wikidot, this is the best we can do. Please suggest us if there is a better idea.

  • How do I know where short url's are redirecting too?

Short url's are used to avoid link stealing bots. You may use services like wheregoes, longurl to examine short urls before visiting them.


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